Lindsey roofing specializes in the installation of Shingle Roofing.

In the Memphis Tn. and surrounding areas most home owners are electing to use architectural shingle. They look great, stand up to wind better than the old style 3-tab shingles, and are the best choice for your money.

I suggest Tamko roofing products such as the Heritage 30. Tamko has one of the best warranties and from my 28 years of experience are one of the best shingles around. With a good underlayment and proper ventilation I truly believe Tamko shingle will last their life expectancy.

One of the most important factors of a good roof job is the installation. The shingles must be nailed in the proper spot or you will be facing blown off shingles in an average of about 5 years.

So using a quality roofer such as Lindsey Roofing to properly install your shingles is a must.